Aroma Bunco!

This week Tiny Snowman made some new friends. He hosted a fun and lively evening of Aroma Bunco!

Have you ever played Aroma Bunco? It’s a lot like regular bunco but the dice have oil names on them and each round you learn cool stuff about the oil.

Between sets, Tiny Snowman enjoyed food that incorporated essential oils. He particularly enjoyed Craig’s cranberry orange chutney!

Bunco excitement involves prizes, so each time someone gets a Bunco, everyone at that table gets a raffle ticket for prizes when the game is over. And of course prizes are awarded for most wins, most losses, Buncos and baby buncos, just like in a regular game.

It was a very fun evening. Tiny Snowman made new friends. He wants to attend Aroma Bunco next month, too.

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